Information for Recruiters

General Notes

Let me be very clear: I am not looking to switch jobs at the moment. Therefore you really need to put in effort if you want a response from me.

What I Like to Work on

These are examples of things I would be interested in working on.

Don't Contact Me If

Please don’t contact me if the role or employer involves:

Prerequisites for the Organization

Note: I would view the role very favorably if the work involves >50% of paid work time contributing to an open source project and is something that I can publish freely about (blogs, books, conferences, etc.).

My Background in Computer Science

Academics & Research Work

I have two degrees in Computer Science from Cornell University:

I was a teaching assistant for a few courses at Cornell:

2015 SpringComputer Vision
2015 FallComputer System Organization & Programming
2016 SpringComputer Vision (as Head TA)
2016 FallOperating System
2017 SpringOperating System

My brief research experience involved proposing a benchmarking standard for the P4 platform, using P4FPGA as a prototyping system for it.

Experience in the Industry

Google Cloud Platform
June 2017 - Present
Sunnyvale, CA

Designing and implementing components of VPC Service Control and Context Aware Access control for Google Cloud Platform and GSuite.

Summer 2016
Menlo Park, CA

Enhancing a performance-critical component (Watchman) of version control systems.

Google YouTube
Summer 2015
San Bruno, CA

Optimizing a multi-terabyte pipeline for a recommendation engine for YouTube Mix.

Summer 2014
New York, NY

Developing parts of the frontend and the backend for an internal application with a complex No-SQL datastores.

Languages, Tools and Frameworks