My Interests

This page is for my personal interests. There’s a separate page for recruiters.

Learning & Teaching

I’m happy to help people improve their programming skills, provided they are willing to do the same for me. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to spend a few hours learning and teaching programming topics (perhaps on the weekends), then feel free to email me.

Keep in Mind

  1. I won’t help you with projects for formal courses or professional work.
  2. I will not work on an “idea for an app” kind of projects with you. You must know what you want to learn as opposed to what you want to build.
  3. Any code that I’ll write will be under an Apache License.

What I can (probably) Teach

What I Want to Learn

Open Source Work

If you have a project with the standard Apache, BSD, MIT, or GPLv2 licenses, and you think I might be able to contribute to that, you can send me an email.

Past Open Source Work


I’m a very Amateur photographer - I have a good camera (Sony Alpha 6500), but haven’t used it much. Hopefully that will change in the next few months as I start going on hikes with it.

I’m mostly interested in photographing scenes (natural or cityscapes) as opposed to people or macro stuff. If you are someone with similar interests, I’m happy to chat - just email me!