Dhruv Singhal

Software Engineer | Computer Scientist

Recruiters please be sure to read this.

Professional Summary

I am a Software Engineer currently working at Google on products for the Google Cloud Platform.

My personal interests lie in developing high performance distributed systems, but close-to-metal software development for embedded applications comes as a close second.

My professional experience is as a generalist and a full-stack developer. Some of my prior work include:

  • Enhancing high-performance components (Watchman) of version control systems (Git and Mercurial),
  • Optimizing a multi-terrabyte pipeline for a recommendation engine (YouTube Mix),
  • Bulletproofing a new prototyping platform for network switches with projected terrabit per second performance (P4 & P4FPGA), and
  • Developing a frontend applications with a complex No-SQL backend combining inputs from several datastores (for my first internship at Google).

I am presently not interested in web development or quantitative finance.