Dhruv Singhal

Software Engineer | Computer Scientist

Professional Summary

I am a recent graduate of Cornell University, and I currently work full-time at Google on products for the Google Cloud Platform.

I have been an intern twice at Google, and once at Facebook, giving me a diverse experience with Systems Programming, basic Data Science experimentation, and Full-Stack Web Development.

As a former student and a graduate teaching assistant, I have had a good exposure to Computer Networking, Operating Systems, and Computer Vision.

As a graduate research assistant, I have had exposure to Software-Defined Networking as well as Protocol Independent Switch Architecture.

I also have familiarity, through coursework, with Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Natural Language Processing, and Numerical Methods.

Note to Recruiters

How to Contact Me

  • Please contact me only via email, and only at the address listed at the top of the page.
  • Please do not try to connect or message me on LinkedIn. I only accept invitations from people I have met in person.

My Preferred Focus Areas

I would prefer to specialize in a particular domain of Computer Science for the first few years out of school, preferably one of the following areas.

  • Computer networking
  • Distributed systems
  • Hardware-accelerated computing
  • Operating system kernel development
  • Real-time communication backends
  • Datastores, databases, and filesystems

What I Value in an Organization

  • Software Engineering Focus: I am mostly interested only in organizations whose primary products are computer software or hardware.
  • Financial Stability: I prefer organizations already making profit, with well charted funding and expansion plan for the next 3-5 years.
  • Law Obedience: I prefer not to work with organizations "disrupting" legally established systems, or operating in a legal or social grey area.
  • International Presence: Presence in the US, Canada, Western Europe, and India is quite important to me.