Dhruv Singhal

Software Engineer | Computer Scientist

Note to Recruiters

Please at least skim through all the sections if you can't read it all.

I prefer to be contacted directly by an engineer on the team looking to hire, or if the organization is large, a technical recruiter. Anyone else (i.e. "a person who knows a person") will not get a response from me, even if they have in the past.

Professional Summary

I was previously a student at Cornell University, from where I got my Bachelor of Science degree, and, subsequently, my Master of Science degree, both in Computer Science.

My personal interests lie in developing high performance distributed systems, but close-to-metal software development for embedded applications comes as a close second.

My professional experience is as a generalist and a full-stack developer. Some of my prior work include:

  • Designing and implementing components supporting context aware access for the Google Cloud Platform,
  • Enhancing high-performance components (Watchman) of version control systems (Git and Mercurial),
  • Optimizing a multi-terrabyte pipeline for a recommendation engine (YouTube Mix),
  • Bulletproofing a new prototyping platform for network switches with projected terrabit per second performance (P4 & P4FPGA), and
  • Developing a frontend applications with a complex No-SQL backend combining inputs from several datastores (for my first internship at Google).

How to Contact Me

  • Please only contact me if you can offer something specific in one of my preferred focus areas, in an organization with values aligned with mine.
  • Please mention in your email as specifically as possible, how exactly your offer lines up with what I state on this page.
  • Please contact me only via email, and only at the address listed at the top of the page.
  • Please do not try to connect or message me on LinkedIn. I only accept invitations from people I have met in person.
  • I block people who send me unsolicited invitations on social platforms.

My Preferred Focus Areas

  • Computer networking
  • Distributed systems
  • Hardware-accelerated computing
  • Operating system kernel development
  • Real-time communication backends
  • Datastores, databases, and filesystems
Also note that I am specifically not interested in web development or quantitative finance. And while I have some experience with Machine Learning, it is not something I'm actively interested in.

What I Value in an Organization

  • Software Engineering Focus: I am mostly interested only in organizations whose primary products are computer software or hardware, and where the majority of the employees are software engineers.
  • Contribution to Open Source: I would highly prefer to work on a project that is either open source itself, or involves active contribution to open source projects as a part of the job.
  • Financial Stability: I prefer organizations already making profit, with well charted funding and expansion plan for the next 3-5 years.
  • International Presence: Presence in the North America, Western Europe, and South Asia is quite important to me.